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September 21, 2023
We Will Manage, Lillian Adams, assistant technical director talks about how the show has been. She, along with Jason Quach help crews and actors. Adams stated, I feel really good [about the show]. Its moving a lot faster and everyone seems like they know what theyre doing.

Cadre Gets Techy With It

Written by Han Vu
December 7, 2022
Which Way To Hollywood? - Cadre Kerr goes to Thespian Festival   to compete in theater related competitions. The troupe gained much knowledge from the trip, and also came back with national qualifiers. First time competitor, Yudith Macedo said, To be honest, I was nervous for  Thespian Festival because my event was first. It was fun, but really nerve wrecking. Macedo also said, The experience helped me bond with a lot of the troupe members.

Cadre Wins Honors at Thes Fest

Written by Han Vu
November 30, 2022
Manage Me - The stage manager, Taz Ahmed, and the assistant director Chriss Doradea work together to help the show come together. The two discuss how their visions for the show. Doradea said,  Im excited to start fresh with unlimited potential.

Chill Out With Cadre

Written by Han Vu
November 16, 2022

Cadre at Start of Something New

Written by Han Vu
November 11, 2022
Setting the Scene - Erica Carranza, the actor of Maya runs through the acts for the first time. She sets an objective for each scene and it helps her play her character. Carranza said, My favorite part about playing Maya is the representation.

Cadre Staying Overnight At School

Written by Han Vu
September 28, 2022
Dance The Night Away - Actors were learning how to dance with choreographies made by Tifany Hernandez, and Krystal Vivas, the main dramaturgs of the show. The choreography incorporates traditional Hispanic dance, but also in a modern way. Camila Haro, a lights crew member, said, The show has been interesting so far. Haro also said, Ive seen a lot of progress within the actors and the crews, but Im also interested to see how the show will come together in the end.

Week Six of ‘Skeleton Stories’

Written by Han Vu
September 21, 2022
Run Through It - The cast rehearsed the show with directors and stage managers to guide them. Behind the scene, dramaturgs help make the show culturally accurate. The head dramaturg, and also treasurer of Cadre, Krystal Vivas said, My favorite aspect of this show would be the dance and choreography.

Cadre Running The Show

Written by Han Vu
September 14, 2022
Shine A Light - Jenny Tran, first time crew head of lights goes over the basics with her crew. They hung up a special type of light and started designing and recording cues. Tran said, My goal is to have my crew be able to design lights, hang lights, and the things that make lights fun.

Work Goes On Behind the Curtain

Written by Han Vu
September 7, 2022
Phat Luong taking a selfie of himself.

10 Questions With Phat Luong

Written by Han Vu
May 11, 2022
Working On It - After finishing her biology EOC, Nhi Le continues  to do her work for other classes. She got ready for her tests by working with her teacher weeks before. The test was easy and Im so happy that its over, Le said.

Reaching the STAAR Head-on

Written by Han Vu
May 4, 2022
Whats Up Desi Club? -  President of Desi Club, Meerab Arif shares the ins and outs of the club. She talks about the the purpose and goals of the club, along with general information about the club. I want the other Desi kids feel more accepted in the school and create a place where everyone belongs.

Club Feature: Desi Club

Written by Han Vu
April 27, 2022
Done For the Year, Book Club is no longer meeting. After the last few meetings being cancelled it has been concluded that Book Club is done for the year. Mary Bongah, President of Book Club sadly said, I dont think there will be any more meeting.

No More Book Club

Written by Han Vu
April 21, 2022
Nothing New Under the Sun - The picture shows a screenshot of  a message sent out last week by Mary Bongah, President of Book Club. There has been no new information released since then. The only thing is that Bongah encouages her members to Make sure you read the whole book, so you can have an understanding from the book POV.

No New Updates On Book Club

Written by Han Vu
April 13, 2022
Update From Book Club - Books are ready to be picked up from the English center. The book, The Hate U Give is the last book of the year. President of the club, Mary Bongah said, Please get them today because another post regarding the book will go out soon. If you have any difficulties picking up the book, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Book Club Updates

Written by Han Vu
March 2, 2022
Adding On - The meeting was last week, but more information has surfaced after talking with Mary Bongah, the president of the club. There were many topics that was discussed at the meeting, including mental health. I think the meeting went very well, Bongah said.

Book Club President Speaks Out

Written by Han Vu
February 23, 2022
Books In English - The Book Club met today in the English Center. They had their final discussion on their second to last book. Mary Bongah, the president of the club said, I believe that the meeting went really well. Bongah said, There are more fun activities waiting in store for the future meetings.

Kerr Book Club Meets

Written by Han Vu
February 17, 2022
Cadre Kerr puts on The Little Mermaid show for the matinee. The schools that were present included ODonnell Middle School, Mahanay Elementary School, and Rees Elementary School. Aidan Ngo, assistant crewhead for  the publicity crew said, Even with the challenges presented and no clear goal in sight, at the debut of the show, I knew all of my work was worth it.

Cadre Kerr Hosts Matinee

Written by Han Vu
February 2, 2022
Meet on Thursday
The first book meet of the year will be tomorrow afterschool. It will be held in the library and the club will be reading Im Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. Bongah says, Keep in mind that everyone has read up to chapter 14 and our Kahoot game has things you need to know about the chapters — or at least the main facts of the each chapter leading up to chapter 14!

Kerr Book Club Plans Meeting

Written by Han Vu
January 19, 2022
Daniel Treat working in the social studies center.

10 Questions with Daniel Treat

Written by Han Vu
January 12, 2022
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