FBLA and NHS Have a Combined Banquet


Eating It Up, FBLA and NHS have their last meetings with their current chapters. The two clubs also inducted their new officers at the banquet. Linh Vo, President of FBLA said, “Although I would like to refrain from being cheesy, I can say this trip assures me that our motto for this year has been accomplished: FBLA is home when we are together.”

Written by Han Vu

Kerr FBLA and NHS have a combined banquet. Here, they inducted the new officers of both of the clubs. The program started from 6pm and ended at 8pm with the two clubs doing their pledge, giving out awards, eating dinner, and the induction of new officers. This marks the end of the 2022 chapter for both FBLA and NHS. The seniors and old officers are signing off, and passing the light to the officers of next year.