Week Six of ‘Skeleton Stories’


Dance The Night Away – Actors were learning how to dance with choreographies made by Tifany Hernandez, and Krystal Vivas, the main dramaturgs of the show. The choreography incorporates traditional Hispanic dance, but also in a modern way. Camila Haro, a lights crew member, said, “The show has been interesting so far.” Haro also said, “I’ve seen a lot of progress within the actors and the crews, but I’m also interested to see how the show will come together in the end.”

Written by Han Vu

With each coming week, “Skeleton Stories” is getting closer to finishing. Actors memorize their lines while crews work on the backstage aspects. Lights continue to design lights for each act, earning crew spotlight for the week with their work. Theater-a-Thon is this Saturday, where the crews and actors will continue to work on the show. The first six hours would be reserved for working while the last six hours would be for having fun.