Kerr Book Club Plans Meeting


Meet on Thursday The first book meet of the year will be tomorrow afterschool. It will be held in the library and the club will be reading I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. Bongah says, “Keep in mind that everyone has read up to chapter 14 and our Kahoot game has things you need to know about the chapters — or at least the main facts of the each chapter leading up to chapter 14!”

Written by Han Vu

Kerr Book Club plans on meeting tomorrow after school in the library. The club was started by a student, Mary Bongah.

Bongah talks about the book, saying, “We are reading I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter and it’s about a Chicago high school student who dreams of becoming a writer. However, she also goes on a journey to find out more about her dead sister, Olga.”

They’re at the halfway mark of chapter fourteen, with the book being a total of twenty-nine chapters altogether.