Cadre Kerr Hosts Matinee


Cadre Kerr puts on The Little Mermaid show for the matinee. The schools that were present included O’Donnell Middle School, Mahanay Elementary School, and Rees Elementary School. Aidan Ngo, assistant crewhead for the publicity crew said, “Even with the challenges presented and no clear goal in sight, at the debut of the show, I knew all of my work was worth it.”

Written by Han Vu

Cadre Kerr today performed “The Little Mermaid” for the final time.

The matinee hosted by Cadre Kerr was meant to immerse kids into theater.

Today was mostly for elementary school, but it is never too late to think about high school. It was a great success with many of the kids and teachers coming back satisfied with the outcome of the show.