Prom tickets free with safe driving pledge

Due to extensive fundraising and grant money received from Celebrate My Drive, further discounts are being placed on prom tickets. Now, seniors will receive free prom tickets if they pledge to be a safe driver.

To find the pledge, log in to eChalk -> My Groups -> Class of 2014 -> Kerr Prom Celebrate My Drive Pledge

Therefore, the new prices are:

  • Guests = $40
  • Kerr senior who didn’t participate in senior auction = $20
  • Kerr senior who participated in senior auction = $10 discount on your or your guest’s ticket
  • Any Kerr senior who pledges = FREE

Regardless if a senior participated in the senior auction, as long as they pledge, their prom ticket will be free.

The deadline to complete the pledge is Monday, April 21, by 12 PM.