Weather Watch: Icy storm hits Houston, closes school

Cold temperatures, rain, and sleet struck east and west Texas yesterday, leading to conditions that forced many area districts, including Alief ISD, to cancel classes.

The temperature began to drop yesterday just as school ended accompanied with light rain and chilly winds. Temperatures dropped below freezing, which increases the possibility of ice on roads.

Weather reports from and have confirmed that icy roads will most likely form and last until Friday 9 AM.

Alief ISD administrators announced the closing early Friday morning after watching weather conditions throughout the night.

Tonight’s performance of “The Foreigner” is cancelled. Tickets for tonight will be honored Saturday, January 25, and tickets will be sold at the door Saturday for $5.

A performance of the play will be rescheduled for Thursday, January 29, at 3 PM, with late buses providing transportation.

Sales of the Safari Yearbook will be extended through Monday, January 27, due to the closure.

Voting on a prom theme for the Class of 2014 will continue on eChalk through Monday, January 27. Results will be announced Tuesday.

Please be cautious on the roads especially when it is late at night or early in the morning when the sun is not present. Take precautions when driving and watch out for black ice, a thin, slippery layer of melted or re-frozen precipitation.

Here are some tips to driving safely:

  1. Look for slick surfaces since black ice is invisible and is difficult to detect
  2. Make sure you can see and be seen
  3. Drive slowly (preferably 10-20 miles per hour)
  4. Make gentle turns
  5. Gently pump your brakes and don’t solely depend on the ABS system
  6. If you do skid and you feel the back of your car swerving, steer your wheel steadily in the direction that you’re swerving in.

Though the streets and roads are warm enough to keep most of the ice off, the bridges and overpasses are more likely to be icy. If you must take the highway, keep a great distance, double or triple the amount you usually do, between your car and other vehicles.