Jazz Band Performs in Service of Community


BLINKING LIGHTS On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, Jazz Band were set to play in front of people in a hospital at 7AM. And while they were late, they were able to execute their show flawlessly and played u til the applauses overwhelmed the hospital. “While there were some complications and it sadly had to end so soon, I definitely enjoyed performing and it was quite a new experience for me,” said Riona Guice.

On Wednesday, December 14 Jazz Band woke up early as they headed to the Southwest Hermann Hospital, where they performed various jazz charts, specifically, Winter Jazz charts and some of their old pieces as well. Some of the songs included “Hey Burner,” “Let It Snow,” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

While they did have to wake up very early, many of the members had a lot of fun performing for a crowd of people, especially in front of the community. And as she got onto that stage with her fellow bandmates, Riona Guice was prepared and quite excited to play.

“I was excited and I wasn’t really as nervous since I’ve been doing band for a while now. And I was fairly confident since the entirety Jazz Band had been practicing for a few weeks and now we were more than prepared to get into our performance and overall ended up being a great time,” said Guice.

While everything had gone swimmingly certain members faced problems getting there on time which prompted the entire band to be late.

“Not like there was any [challenges] during the concert but before the concert, we got there late so we had to frantically load everything really fast, and I was a little sweaty before even the performance began,” said Ethan Caro.

But after the applause, all good things must come to an end, as the Jazz Band spent some time around the hospital before heading back to school to resume the rest of their day.

“Ten out of ten day, would definitely come again,” said Andy Le.