KHS-TV News/SRL Starts Filming

Written by Zacalinh Elizondo, Reporter

After concluding the first week of exams this past Friday, May 6, some members have decided to start filming their assigned segments. Up until May 4, club members hadn’t really touched their newly engraved assignments, but now over two projects are in the works. Currently, members have started working on a special seniors segment, a spontaneous project asking people about their biggest accomplishments, and an interactive feature on the quickly approaching Class Wars. Those involved have already started interviews and editing selected clips together. They hope to put out content this week as well as upload content next week.

One thing that’s stayed consistent for the club is their scheduled weekly broadcast. These past two weeks, members have–for the most part–been running the announcements by themselves, managing Friday Factoid, the script, and equipment on their own. For May 6th’s weekly broadcast, Katherine and David took on the role of anchoring and Tracy and Thy stood by on crew.