Freshmen Hold Taiyaki Sale

Written by Teresa Nguyen, Social Media

Fish-shaped Snacks! Class of 2025 are trying their hardest to raise money this year! Next week right before Valentine’s day, Taiyaki snacks will be sold! “We hope that the sales go well and everyone enjoys them,” Tran said.

The class of 2025 will be selling taiyaki, which is a fish-shaped cake, from Snowy Village on February 14. They will each be sold for $6.00 and come with or without a cup of ice cream (chocolate or vanilla). There will be different taiyaki flavors to look at such as vanilla custard, Nutella, and red bean. Pre-orders will begin Feb 3 and end Feb 11. Fill out the google form in their Instagram bio (kerrclassof2025) to purchase. They will accept pre-order payments during both lunches. It’s the perfect time of the month to buy up a delectable treat!