Senior Auction brings excitement and romance


Senior class sponsor Eileen Caetta stands in senior Paul A.’s place as auctioneer Steve Levine auctions him off. “He didn’t want to stand up in front of everybody,” Caetta said. “So the only way I could get him not to pull out was I said ‘I’ll go stand up there for him if he’ll still go through with it.”Photo by Aja B.

On March 9 and 10, the class of 2012 held the annual Kerr tradition, the Senior Auction. Steve Levine, social studies teacher,served as the auctioneer, calling seniors whose names appear on the screen behind him to be auctioned off. Bidding started at $10.

“I feel the senior auction was a success,” senior class president Helen T. said. “I know we made over $6000  and it all goes to prom. It’s a 100 percent profit. That’s the good thing about things like Senior Auction and those other kind of events.”

Bidders raise their hands to place a bid, sometimes partcipating in a bidding war.

“I bid on quite a lot of seniors, most of them are just a bluff and raised the price.” junior Christiana C. said.

But there were some problems that arose before this event became a success.

“People kept coming up to me saying ‘I’m not going to do it’ or you know, ‘Pair me with this person.’” Helen T. said. “I made the PowerPoint myself and I typed all the names and then to delete and go back into it while I had to pull the stuff out. It was a bit hectic but it was okay.”

Those who have the highest bid on each senior gets to dress the senior however they want for the Senior Parade, where the seniors parade around the entire school.

“We raised over $6,000,” senior class sponsor Eileen Caetta said. “It’s a really good moneymaker.”

But, of course, what stood out among the the bidding wars and sounds of cash being made, was when Eric Ng asked senior My V. to prom.

“I was suppose to be sold on Friday and then my name came up on Thursday. At first I was confused. I was like ‘What’s going on?’” senior My V. said. “Then I saw him come out and everyone was screaming. I was surprised because he wouldn’t normally do something like that. “

Senior Parade will be on April 20th during 1st period.