Musicians make Alief Honors Band


Alief Honors Band members

On October 29, students from the Kerr band met at Hastings High school to try out for the Alief Honors Band. The following students received a spot in the band, and will participate  in a concert with the rest of the Honors Band members from the other high schools in the district.

Honor band
Alief Honors Band members

The students and their place are:  sophomore Alex Vinh, first chair Flute; senior Jessica Turcios, first chair Oboe; senior Naomi McMurray, third chair Clarinet; senior Raymond Nguyen, fifth chair Clarinet; Junior Sandra Holder, sixth chair Clarinet; junior Andres Valencia, first chair Barritone Sax; sophomore Edgar Contreras, first chair French Horn; senior Danielle Deshazo, third chair French Horn; senior Carlos Cruz, fourth chair Trumpet; junior Travis Dinh, third chair Trombone.

All students in the Alief Honors Band will meet at Elsik High School on January 20 for a clinic, in which they will receive their concert music. The concert will take place on January 21, at Elsik, as well.