Kerr loses to AECHS


HARSH OR FAULTY PLAY On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, Kerr had recently suffered a flag football loss to AECHS. Even though they led at the half, they ultimately fell short by 5 points, losing by a score of 23 to 28. Since Kerr had the advantage and the referee kept extending time until AECHS scored a touchdown, many people thought that the game itself was flawed. “It was frustrating to see AECHS win since they kept adding time until they scored a touchdown,” said Agha Mizra.

Kerr lost a game of flag football to Alief Early College on November 16  at Crump Stadium. Kerr had a 14 to 13 advantage at halftime.

Iqra Naveed watched the game while shooting pictures and was startled to see AECHS’s victory after such a close battle.

“We were under pressure at first because we were losing, but then before half time, we started to score. And then we were winning until they added time and got 5 more points and in the end, Kerr had lost with the score being 23-28,” Naveed said.

After a protracted winning streak against AECHS, Agha Mirza was stunned, saddened, and most of all angry to lose to AECHS.

“The Kerr players being [upset] at the game decided not to shake the opponents’ hands and some of the players went to the referee and had a verbal altercation,” said Mirza. “But since nothing could happen; the Kerr players just left in anger.”