New Officers For 2022-2023 Year


Following the election of class officers, the next year’s 2024 officers are determined to be Kunmi Oboh, Favour Taiwo, Thy Tran, Kaylee Toruno, and Belen Peraza. There are two returning officers, Toruno and Taiwo, but the rest are also promising officers. The voting occurred on April 29 during advisory. In their junior year, these officers are tasked with fundraising efforts and managing class activities. The class funds will contribute towards their senior prom.

Through her role as a class officer, Thy Tran is interested in improving class spirit and fundraising efforts. With prior experience as the Secretary of Students for Humanity, Tran has been well-versed in working in a leadership team and collaborating to plan events. “I want to help everyone develop friendly relations,” Tran said. “This way, we can be more productive.”