Class Officer Candidates Campaign At Lunch

Sophomores running for class officers of the 2022-2023 school year are campaigning in the cafeteria during A and B lunch on Wednesday, March 27. During this time, students can look at their fliers and discuss with them their future plans for the class. The following candidates are running for office: Jaden Jones, Oluwakunmi Oboh, Belen Peraza, Ashley Ramos, Syed Raza, Kaylee Toruno, Thy Tran, Karen Wu, and Favour Taiwo. The final voting will take place during advisory on Friday.

Favour Taiwo hands out fliers to support her campaign. As a current officer, she expresses confidence in her abilities to perform well next year. “Because I was an officer this year, I think I could contribute many ideas to incorporate for next year” Taiwo said. “I will use my experience to make our junior year the best.”