Sophomores Host Ping Pong Tournament


The class of 2024 is encouraging students to compete in the ping pong tournament at the end of February. The sport has become popular at lunch with the addition of a ping pong table in the cafeteria last year. “We believed it would be a good idea to start a ping pong tournament because a lot of people requested it,” Favour Taiwo, a 2024 officer, said. “We also noticed a lot of people play it during lunch and thought it would be nice to start one after the volleyball tournament.”

Written by Tracy Nguyen

Class of 2024 is hosting a ping pong tournament starting on February 25 to open up a new opportunity for students to play different sports. Sign-ups will begin on February 15 with a fee of $3 per person. Interested students can register during both A and B lunches. The tournament will follow a double-elimination arrangement and give prizes to the top three winners.