A Mile Around Home: What it is like exercising from home


The treadmills in gym are rarely used because few students are on campus with hybrid learning.

Written by Joseph Lozano

“I think a major part of being able to work out from home is that I can have my own schedule to follow and don’t have to worry about specific classes messing that up,” Andy Vuong said starting his new term of gym.

This would be a different year than most because there would no longer be teachers watching you or any people at all. With the new year beginning many students had to change the way they approach many of their classes, one of them being physical education.

With students now having to work on their own time they would have to get creative in order to still get the same workouts they want.

“What I miss doing in the gym is hitting my rep max because currently I don’t have sufficient weights at my home.” Christian said.

Because of this big change, not many students have the resources to work out the way they like, sometimes even impossible.

“I wish that there were more variety of exercises for working out at home,” said Phuc.

But for some getting to experience physical education from home is not a bad experience, Christan actually has some benefits to getting the chance to work from home.

Alternative Exercises“What I like about exercising at home is the freedom of not being watched by other people in my period.”

With the change students who are shy no longer need to worry about others being near them will let them workout to the best of their ability.

“I am able to control the pace much easier since there is no one around,” said Sulaimon. With no one around, many students get a chance to do their best without the stares of peers.

Too many students’ schedules ruined their ability to work out with their utmost care, this was due to many of their classes overlapping.

“I can manage my time and workout during my free time instead of a fixed time,” said Phuc. “Equipment was the main thing I would miss because we only have a limited amount of exercises that we can perform unless we want to spend money to buy our own equipment.”

Due to the lack of equipment, many students have not been able to get the best of their abilities. This lack of equipment can make them only able to complete simple exercises that efficiently work out their body.


For some students the peers are what they miss about working out from the gym.

”I miss being able to compete with my friends in races and other activities,

” Vuong said, adding that having others around keeps the motivation and interest in exercising.

Through all of this many students and teachers alike are trying their best to let students get the best they can have. With the inclusion of being able to go back to school physically, many students have the opportunity to get the workouts they want.