Intramural basketball tournament begins Jan. 19

Written by Jarrex Corpuz

Coach Moon Kim will be hosting the annual Kerr basketball tournament on Thursday, January 19, 2017. There will be four games after school today in the following times:

2:35 – And Juan vs. IWNL
3:00 – Honey Badgers vs. AND1 Mixtape
3:25 – The Dream Team vs. Young Ugly Gods
3:50 – Luca Brasi vs. Rockets
4:15 – Scheduled end time

Rules and Technicalities:
1.  10 minute half, switch courts after each half
2. Two 30-second timeouts for each half.
3. Line, ceiling, and top of backboard is considered out.
4. Players will call their own fouls; however, there will be a referee to insure that arguments are resolved.
5. Respect the call.
6. Only four people allowed on the court for each team.
7. Substitutions can be made during a dead ball or a timeout; however, a timeout can be called only on that team’s possession.
8. Intentional fouls are now allowed (no free throws).
9. Referees will only resolve arguments, and they will not make any calls for the players.
10. Be respectable to the opposing team and the referees; have sportsmanship, and most importantly, have fun!