Alphabet Auction, Pie-in-the-Face on Feb. 28


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Safari Yearbook and the Class of 2015 will hold its Alphabet Auction and Pie-in-the-Face, respectively, on Friday February 28, starting from 1:30 PM.

Here, students can bid on letters, and the highest bidder will earn a photo at the end of the yearbook. Letters can be crafted with a catchy or a personal slogan and with how many people or props as desired.

Afterwards, the teachers with the most money accumulated will get hit by a pie. However, this year offers an interesting twist. The more money the Class of 2015 raises, the bigger the pan and the more whipped cream there will be. All teachers will be hit with this pan size. The current pan is the smallest pan, at approximately $105. To get the middle pan, $110 must be reached, and to get the biggest pan, $120 must be reached.

The leading teachers are: Fredy Bonilla, Kathleen Kilmer, Rick Madsen, and Jan Kolk

February 28 will follow a special event bell schedule as listed below:

  • Warning Bell: 7:15
  • Advisory: 7:20 – 7:40
  • 1st period: 7:45 – 8:55
  • 2nd period: 9:00 – 10:10
  • 3rd period: 10:15 – 12:05
  • 4th period: 12:10 – 2:20