Senior Parade tradition

Seniors gather in the cafeteria at the beginning of first period. They get dressed up by their buyers and prepare themselves for humiliation. The parade starts as they march through the hallways during first period to entertain the rest of the campus in their wackiest costumes.

The first Senior Parade occurred in 1997. Afterwards, a parade was held annually for each senior class. Weeks before the actual parade date, seniors are “auctioned” to buyers who will get the opportunity to dress them. Students, staff and sometimes alumni purchase seniors. This year, the parade will held on Friday, May 24.

There are two reasons behind the existence of Senior Parade. One is to raise money for prom. Senior auction brings in a lot of money for class funds.

“The point of this was that they wanted to raise money for the senior class,” Librarian Jean Wu said. “So the best way was to have an auction.”

The other reason was to reduce senior pranks.

Principal Patsy Hoover “wanted order to be in effect to tone down senior pranks,” Paraprofessional Lee Bryant said. “She would lead the parade around the school and into each center. At the end of first period, beginning of second, everyone was back in school mode.”

Although buyers can dress seniors however they want, they must follow a loose interpretation of the dress code. Students cannot show anything revealing or violent. The dress code is enforced when all the seniors line up in the gym to be checked. The principal and administrators make sure the dress code is followed and either give an okay or ask the buyer to dress their senior more appropriately.

Even though the parade was created mainly for fundraising, according to Bryant, it allows seniors to be the “center of attention, to shine, before entering the real world that lies ahead.”

Senior Abby Lam agreed that the event is a powerful way to celebrate the end of high school.

“The parade makes you feel excited and happy because you know that you’re taking part in a tradition. You feel united with your class.”