Ellem Brings Shine to 2010

While flipping through the channels on my T.V., I ran across the 2010 Honda commercial. The car was not what attracted me; it was the song featured. The song was sort of a surprise, as though I were watching a circus performance. It seemed kind of odd, but well put-together, with a melody that was not necessarily easy going, but striking — like headlights striking a deer.

After taking a while to find the commercial on YouTube, I found out the song was “Inside Still Beats” by Ellem. Then I spent more time on YouTube trying to find more of her songs; listening made me realize that all of them were just as magically fantastic.

Ellem is a British singer-songwriter who now lives in Los Angeles. She embraces the cultural shift, and seems to combine it in her songs with either the melody or lyrics. She brings a bit of a California taste in songs like “My Heart Says” from the album Inside Still Beats with the fun beats and catchy tones. Yet she also manages to bring in some of what seems like classical London stylings in “Finding Me,” on the same album.

Her folk/indie/pop mix has managed to earn her a spot in the TY Music Record Label. Inside Still Beats was released in February 18, 2010. The album, Full Days. Full Nights. Full Hearts. was released in July 5, 2010, and also can be found in stores and on iTunes.

Ellem’s songs have a lot to deal with what seems her passion and what her heart feels like. Although that may seem a little lovey-dovey and whatnot, her songs are rather optimistic and joyful.

With lyrics like “Tic-Toc/Life is on a stopwatch/No more counting sheep off/Time to pull the stop plug/Tic-Toc Tic-Toc/Cowers spinning round like twisters/Mixing now with distance/Better keep my pace up…” “Tic-Toc” is one of my favorite pieces. It has a sense of actually growing up, and starting to have to move on and mature.

Ellem is definitely one of the shining singers of 2010. Her music rightly deserves the space she takes up on my iPod. Although she is not that well-known, her music continues to gain publicity and I expect to see a lot more of her next year.