The Bridgerton Look


It’s no news that the 2020-2021 school year brought many changes, amongst which was the creation of the Fashion Club. What initially started as a Passion Project for the Junior AP3 class soon turned into the freshest and trendiest club! Accepting members year-round, the Kerr Fashion club bases its activities on outfit competitions, one of the most recent being the Bridgerton Themed Competition. 

To those unfamiliar with the show, Bridgerton is a romance series inspired by the work of Julia Quinn. Available on Netflix, the show has been much of a success, as well as a great inspiration to fashion lovers. The Fashion Club members and participants were asked to embrace the aesthetic and match its elegant, romantic, and refined ambiance. We talked with the winners, Juniors Kayla Do and Hannah Ghebrelul.

Do has been interested in fashion since the age of nine and was motivated to participate by a shirt she had recently purchased. “I don’t have a certain style,” she says, “I like to try out every type of style…Fashion is basically wearing a piece of art. It helps you express [yourself].”

She confessed that while it helps her express, it also helps her cope with her mental illness. “It causes my personality to change sometimes,” she says. “When I…  switch personalities, my fashion sense also switches. When my fashion sense changes, it helps me know when I have switched.”

Do’s go-to feature is her leather jacket, stating it goes with everything and makes her feel confident. Her advice to those uncertain of their style is to play with Pinterest and get inspired!

In contrast, Ghebrelul hasn’t always been interested in fashion, but she’s slowly building her wardrobe and developing her style, feeling drawn to the 90s “mall goth” look, along with bold graphic design.

“I enjoy wearing smaller/more ‘structured’ tops and wearing more baggy or flowy bottoms,” she said. “As for go-to features, I would say bold graphics… for instance, I have this Ed Hardy shirt that has a beautiful design with bedazzles.”

Ghebrelul had seen the show but was afraid she wouldn’t match the palette. “I participated because I, like many others, watched the show as an escape during quarantine.

So when I saw the contest, I was immediately interested. However, I was hesitant at first because the clothes that I had were a very different color scheme than that of the show, but I guess it’s my take on it.”

Her advice to those experimenting with their style is to do just that: Experiment. “I would look to current trends for inspiration,” she said, “but don’t be afraid to look past fashion for inspiration. Don’t buy something because it’s trendy but because it’s something you really enjoy, including any trendy pieces you like.”

The winner’s pictures will be displayed on the print copy of the newspaper, along with a fun Bridgerton activity. We’re all excited to see what the Fashion Club has in store for the future, and for Fashion. To stay updated, follow them on Instagram @kerrfashionclub.