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COMET comes to Kerr, opens new community service opportunities

About thirty children line up, entering an apartment building all while being monitored by what seems like supervisors. They’re counted off one by one...twenty three, twenty four, twenty five. After everyone has been accounted for, the door is shut and kids are energetic as deers. They run around but quickly get tamed as the announcers called for snack time. Gogurt and Capri Sun is distributed t…

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Yazan Abuashour



  • Spotlight on Gamers Club
    Kerr’s Gamers Club provides opportunities for students to participate and play in organized events with other students
  • 10 Questions with Lily Duong
    Senior Lily Doung was asked a series of questions. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Answer: Courage the Cowardly
  • Q&A with Gabriel Chamon
    Question: Where are you from? Answer: I was born here but both my parents are immigrants from Brazil. Q: How long have y
  • What is Black Friday?
    “It was extremely hectic,” Junior Kevin Tran said. “People were pushing and running past me, bumping into me, just
  • Spotlight on Kerr Fitness Club
    The Kerr Fitness Club allows students to participate in workouts, sports, and various activities. President Maria Castil
  • Image
    Staff Feature: Cindi Payne
    From technologically helping students with their accounts in Schoology to leading Students for Humanity and many other e

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