December 21, 2012: Is it real or is it a hoax?

The world is ending! The world is ending! The paranoia about the apocalypse on December 21, 2012 seems to have resurfaced ever since New Year’s. Suddenly, people are talking about the movie, 2012 (which premiered in 2010), and debating whether or not anything similar will actually happen. People are suddenly discussing what they will do in preparation for the “Last Day.”

Talk of the “2012 phenomenon” arose because of the Mayan calendar, which predicted that the end of the world would be on December 21 of this year. There are people who are very passionate on both sides; the ones who believe in it refer to religion and spiritual evidence, while the ones who don’t, refer to 2000, where it was previously believed that the world would end–yet, here we are.

The science fiction movie 2012, over the course of the past two years, has also been another popular reference tool for the “2012” believers. However, what they don’t know is that 2012 was based on the hoax–not the other way around.  The movie explains that the reason for the “2012 doomsday” was because of of a mutation in neutrinos (electrons with a neutral charge) in solar flares. The solar flares caused a raise in temperature in the earth’s core, and it went downhill from there. But, according to NASA, this theory is completely unrealistic; even if it does happen, it will probably be thousands of years in the future.

The people who are obsessing over the 2012 phenomenon also need to realize that there is no way to be 100% sure that the world will end on December 21. Take the paranoia about the rapture that happened a couple months ago in October, for example. Talk of the rapture and the Biblical Day of Judgement spread so far, it reached the news, which naturally caused even more paranoia. People even quit their jobs for God’s sake! But, after October 21st passed, people slowly started to realize that there was a slight miscalculation. So, you can’t really deny the possibility for having a miscalculation about December 21. I mean, what if the Mayan ran out of stone to write on? What if the stone tablets were read upside down? Even though it sounds completely ridiculous, it’s still a possibility.

Often people ask me, “what side are you on?” Well, I’m on the side that doesn’t really have a strong opinion. I mean, by the time December 21st rolls around, I wouldn’t care about the world ending, I’d just want to finish my PAK! I don’t really think there is a possibility about the 2012 phenomenon, and in my opinion, there are more important things than endlessly debating about something that’s hard to come to a conclusion to, until it actually happens. People should be worrying about going to school and living life instead of all this paranoia.  

So, it’s like the famous Shakespearean phrase, “much ado about nothing.” We do have “much ado” about something that’s highly likely not to occur in the first place; I believe that people should just live life like normal, and when it’s finally December 21st, and the world does end, at least they didn’t waste two years of their life worrying about it. And if the world doesn’t, I can assure you that I will be one of the very few people who will laugh.