Huddled hallways hit new heights

Getting through the main hallway, the dreadful and narrow passage, is already a difficult task considering that many students are plowing through it trying to either get to their lockers, classes, or both. Things gets worse when people decide to clump themselves in groups, publicly display their affection, and negelect to use the other, less crowded hallways.

Kerr’s middle hallway is like I-10 during rush hour; a blockade of human traffic. Students are constantly struggling to bypass the crowd, while other students deliberately choose to make the hallways an unpleasant experience.

Notice how groups likes to formulate in the hallways, epsecially during passing periods. It might not matter to them but I’m not risking a tardy that could possibly ruin my chances of exempting my finals. They also have the tendency to hang out in front of a single locker, which always seems to be yours. Many times, I find myself yelling at a group to relocate themselves from around my locker because asking them nicely doesn’t seem to work.

What bugs me on a personal level is the constant PDA that plagues the main hallway. Seriously, do it somewhere else because squeezing through the mass of people is already a burden, but things become a serious misfortune when you accidentally bump into a couple locking their lips and spreading saliva.

What puzzles me the most is how students seems to be the neglect of the math hallway. For whatever the reason, students are sparse in the math hallway. But we need to use it more. Evenly dividing the student population between the two hallways would greatly reduce the taffic jam— as long groups don’t loiter there.

Kerr’s hallway has limited moving space but hanging out in groups, using the hallways as a PDA zone, or even ineffieciently utilizing the hallways will always lead to the terrible traffic. If everyone compromises then getting to class would be a breeze. Also, guys—ands girls, a bottle of body spray goes a long way.