Being trapped ‘Home Alone’ can be entertaining

Something that people can not miss during Christmas is the comical “Home Alone” series.  “Home Alone” movies bring warmth, laughter, and Christmas spirit into any home. Families can enjoy this film.

The first movie, “Home Alone: A family comedy without the family” features a young boy named Kevin McCallister.  On the day the family was going on vacation, Kevin was left behind.  He comes across two bandits thinking that nobody’s home, but to their surprise, a clever boy awaits their arrival.  Kevin resorts to techniques to show he’s not alone. His techniques, however, are only successful for a short period; eventually the burglars realize he is alone. A chain of traps set up by Kevin slows them down. The happenings are uproarious.

 “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”  covers the adventure of Kevin McCallister once again separated from his family at the airport and boarded a different flight that landed him in New York. The same bandits haven’t given up their thieving ways yet. Kevin discovers the bandits’ plan and tries to catch them. Kevin finds a family member’s house that was being renovated; where he plans the traps. Christmas activities incorporated in the film boosts the holiday spirit.

“Home Alone 3” takes place on the street of the Pruitt’s family.  Alex Pruitt is also left home alone.  Thieves try to retrieve a microchip that was lost. They search houses but aren’t successful. Alex witnesses the searches and tries to call the cops. No one believes him however. When the criminals target Alex’s house, he takes matters into his own hands by setting up traps to capture the bandits. The adventure of Alex changes everyone’s outlook on him.

 “Home Alone: Taking back the house” is set in his dad’s girlfriend’s house. The criminals devise tactics while the dad and girlfriend were out.  Again, Kevin uses his brainy and swift ways to outwit the thieves.

The third movie is my favorite. It has twice the crooks and action than the others. Spoiler alert: When the bad guys jumped from the window onto the trampoline, the trampoline was actually cut in the middle, causing them to fall through into ice cold water. Police come and tell them “Freeze!”, when they were already freezing.

During the winter, these films are perfect to revisit. They contain spirit, intelligence, and humor. Check out this series if you haven’t done so.  You won’t regret it.