House of Pie: a slice not quite of heaven

It’s hard to wrap our heads around how much people would pay for a trip to heaven. The House of Pie, conveniently located on 6142 Westheimer Road, offers a “slice of heaven” at affordable prices.

Heaven, however, is not an accurate description of the restaurant’s interior or its service. House of Pie’s internal design was of a run-down diner. Worn-out leather seating coupled with numerous cracks and foam thrusting out gracelessly reinforced the impression that the furniture has not been updated recently.

As for the service, it was definitely out of this world— if that means terrible. My entire experience was almost ruined by the grouchy waitress who took my order with a hostile attitude as if she had fallen off her cloud and I stepped on her halo.  

If there’s anything good about the House of Pie, it would be the delicious pie that it’s notorious for. Pies can be order by the slice typically ranging from $3 to $5; or whole,  ranging from $11 to $20. Since Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, the pecan pie is definitely a worthy choice. Crunchy pecans perch atop a gooey filling that easily melts in your mouth, embedding an unforgettable taste and giving me a sense of everlasting happiness.

Another extremely exquisite dessert is the angelic New York Strawberry Cheesecake. I was never one to believe in love at first sight, but after sinking my fork into this succulent sweetheart, it was love at first bite. After tasting the glazed strawberry along with the creamy cheesecake and silky whipped cream, a sensation overwhelms my body—giving a temporary feeling of serenity, that I’m now in a good place.

Aside from the pies above, The House of Pie’s offerings include Lemon Meringue, French Silk, Bayou Goo, Coconut Custard and many more. The House of Pie, like a utopia for dessert-lovers, also offers other desserts such as cookies, fudge brownies, homemade muffins, cream puffs and cakes. The restaurant does indeed take orders for pie, but they must be made prior to November 21 through November 25 due to the flood of customers ordering pies during Thanksgiving week.

Delicious pies and other tasty desserts at an affordable price would usually deserve a high rating; however, the restaurant’s lack of appeal and unfriendly staff, The House of Pie earns a meager 3.14/10 rating.