Word of the Wise: Survival Tips

Did you get kicked out from the testing center for coughing too loudly?  Did you lose your assignment? Are you having a hard time adjusting to Kerr?  High school can be profoundly difficult, and being a freshman makes the experience even more grueling and frustrating. However, by gaining the knowledge of an upperclassman, you’ll find surviving high school a breeze.

When we mentioned getting kicked out from the testing center for coughing too loud, we weren’t kidding. If you’re in the testing center, be wary of other students taking tests. Make sure you don’t cough, sneeze, talk, tap your foot or your pencil— and just to be safe, make sure you don’t breathe. If you do, you might just get thrown out.

Oh, and that assignment? Good luck, we hope you find it. Always photocopy, video tape, or scan your assignments in case they are accidentally lost. Keep the gold slips from test passes and other documents that show what you have done. Without physical evidence of your work, there is no way a teacher can be certain that you even turned it in. And keep backup files of electronic work — flash drives get lost and even break.

As for the long lunch lines, remember the best way to get your food before anyone else is to get to the cafeteria early. Do not roam around in the hallways; go straight to the cafeteria and pray the line isn’t monstrously long. 

By now you have probably already noticed that our school is like an igloo. Therefore, be sure to bring a sweater or jacket. Also beware of seminar room 411; it’s nicknamed the “icebox” for a reason.

Now it’s time to get to the serious part. You may have already had this drilled into your brain by now, but we’ll mention it again. Do not procrastinate! It’s the one thing that teachers and upperclassman stress the most.  Some people may have tried to scare you, commenting on how the workload is tremendous. However, do not be afraid, for as long as you do not procrastinate, you should be fine. Procrastinating is the number one roadblock to success here.

Equally important, manage your time wisely! Unlike middle school, you have work every day, even on weekends and holidays. So the best bet to keep up with your work is to make sure you’re working every day. If you’re in class, work. If you’re at home, work. If you’re on vacation in Malibu, work. The amount of work given to you will feel less if you work a little every day. Cramming the day before an assignment is due or studying all night for a test will only cause harm to your mental and physical health. Not only that, but you probably will not finish everything, if you’re constantly working on assignments at the last minute.

With all of these tips, it can be suffocating, but we promise you that if you follow our advice, your experience at Kerr will be much less stressful.