Golden Chef Buffet with bronze level food

Welcoming guest with a marble water fountain, Golden Chef Buffet sets  the mood for an enjoyable meal.

However, as you proceed into the restaurant you are soon greeted by a line of hungry customers waiting for their turn to dine.  Fortunately enough, the wait only lasted for a reasonable 10 minutes.

Golden Chef is a classic Chinese buffet with a few twists. For example, the main attraction is a bar filled with raw vegetables, meats and seafoods that you can mix and match in order to form a delicious plate of stir fried noodles. The mechanics behind this is simple: First you scoop some noodles onto your plate, then your choice of veggies, meats and seafood all onto your plate. Then you wait your turn for a cook to turn all your raw ingredients into a flavorful (yet soggy) plate of noodles.

If the long lines at the noodle bar discourage you and you do not want to waste time, I suggest you head straight to the buffet. The restaurant also offers a hot pot section for all you hotpot lovers to enjoy.

Aside from the crowded noodle bar and hotpot section, Golden Chef Buffet also offers delicious cups of ice cream including strawberry, chocolate and classic vanilla.  Unfortunately, for $9.99, that’s all there really is to eat at this buffet.

The food is average but bland and unappetizing. The services is fairly decent, but due to the overwhelming number of people, comfy dining was never achieved during my visit. Bumping into other diners is a frequent complication due to limited spacing between islands.

Overall, I would not return to Golden Chef Buffet because there are better buffets for less.