Angry Birds spread their wings

Angry Birds
Characters from Angry Birds, as rendered by Kerronicle staff

Countless hours have been spent killing pigs on a four-inch screen. Boomerangs, bombs, and eggs have become weapons of mass destruction against the swine population in the popular mobile application game Angry Birds.

If you are not familiar with the game that has over 75 million downloads on the app markets, in Angry Birds the player uses a flick of the touchscreen to slingshot  birds at an army of  pigs protected by structures of wood, glass, stone, or a combination of all three. Players are  given multiple birds with different abilities. These include speed boosts, dropping harmful eggs, releasing spawn birds, and a kamikaze bird. There are five episodes of varying themes inside the game and each is equally addicting and comical.

Multiple platforms on which to play Angry Birds are making it easier and easier to get a hold of the game. It’s now available on iPhone, Droid, Palm and Nokia phones as well as PSP/PS3 and Windows 7, and in January it was made available on PC to the first 15,000 lucky downloaders.

Unfortuntely for those who have no application-supporting device, the game is lost. But the dark clouds have parted and hope is shining through for those addicted to the game, but have no way to play it. A version of Angry Birds is expected to be introduced to Facebook in May. Now that the game is headed for the largest social media site in the world, rumors of an Angry Birds 3D game, a movie, and an animated series are swirling.

Recently, in celebration of the latest computer-animated film from 20th Century Fox, Angry Birds Rio has emerged. Instead of raging against the pig population, players have monkeys as the new targets. This version is also extremely well-developed and engaging, but the monkeys are almost too cute to destroy.

The constant updates and new versions of Angry Birds keep this brand alive and exciting. Angry Birds is a truly entertaining way to spend time and with its inexpensive cost of 99 cents, it is a great investment for your phone or gaming system.

I recommend it for those who enjoy strategy, action, and every sort of game in between. If you haven’t already downloaded it, take a load off today and hurl some birds.