UIL’s Last Project Of 2023


Photo by Yanna Hinojos

First Speech As President: Ianna Walker, the new president of Cadre, gives her first speech over the project she wishes to make and sets her goal for next year. Because the UIL members all have the freedom to choose what they want to work on for their final project, some wished to announce it to the whole class. “I choose to do a monologue for my final project because I want to go out of my comfort zone. I haven’t really explored dramatic scripts, and dramatic acting is something I want to make stronger for next year,” Walker said.

This week, UIL members working on their final end-of-year project. They are allowed to choose whatever they wish to present for it. Some suggestions include making a projection, making a costume, doing two monologues, doing a makeup look, or painting a mural. Besides that, the new officers are finally taking over Cadre and UIL. However, the old officers are still helping them adjust and get into their roles for next year.