10 Questions with Mai Nguyen


‘A’ FOR EXCELLENCE On Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023, sophomore Mai Nguyen prepares to take her AP Psychology test. As it is her first AP test, she’s very hesitant and quite nervous. And as she reviews former testing material she tries her hardest to do her very best. “I’m not thinking that I’ll get a high score but what I can do is try my best and just do what I can,” Nguyen said.

On Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023, sophomore Mai Nguyen prepares to take her AP Psychology test which will involve everything she had learned since the beginning of the term to its final.

Q: What are your current plans to prepare for the AP exam?

A: Currently, I plan on reviewing my workbook, reviewing notes and taking new notes, and watching videos to refresh my memory.

Q: What score are you trying to achieve?

A: I’m trying to get a 4.

Q: So far, how confident do you feel about taking the AP exam and do you think you need any help or more time to know about it?

A: I feel somewhat comfortable taking the AP exam as I’ve heard it’s one of the easiest APs, and from experience, much of the topics are just memorization and vocabulary. I think my weak area is that it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed it since I took the class last semester.

Q: Have you had difficulties trying to review for a class you finished last semester?
A: I have not.

Q: In your opinion, what do you think about AP testing, do you think it’s a fair way of determining someone’s knowledge on an AP test?

A: I think that tests in general aren’t a great way to determine someone’s knowledge in general. Much of the time it’s just retaining information and then spewing that information out onto a piece of paper, and then you forget the information you learned afterward.

Q: Do you have any regrets about taking AP Psychology, and in terms of doing the AP test?

A: I don’t have any regrets.

Q: How do you feel right now, before taking your exam?

A: I feel a bit nervous as it’s my first AP Exam, and the only experience I’ve somewhat had with it was the practice AP exam given to me as my final, and the extra practice exam I got for review.

Q: How would you describe the work given to you and in terms of the teacher who assigned you your work? Is it sufficient or do you feel like there are more things he (or the material) could have gone more into depth with?

A: The work was paired with the textbook, as we received the corresponding workbook. I feel as though it’s sufficient, cause the workbook and textbook were specifically made to cover the topics on the AP Exam.

Q: How are you currently balancing studying for the AP exam and trying to do class work at the same time, have you found any struggles or benefits?

A: I’ve luckily been balancing it well. My classes this semester aren’t as strenuous as last.

Q: How do you plan on using Psychology in the future? Whether in future college courses or in day-to-day bases?

A: I plan to use psychology to understand people better, as I tend to be the type of person to be quick to judge people’s reactions, or be confused about why they reacted in such a way to something.