Class of 2025 Sells Fried Oreos to Raise Money


TASTY TREATS On Friday, April 28, 2023, the class of 2025 along with a collaboration with Desi Club, is selling fried Oreos. Students can buy either 2 for $4, 3 for $5, or 5 for $8. Having to juggle both food frenzy and Class Wars, class of 2025 officer Meerab Arif is very ecstatic to start selling for their final food frenzy of the year, “We’re very excited to end our food frenzy and we figured why not go all out with something crazy like deep fried Oreos,” Arif said. “But alongside food frenzy plans, we’re also making plans for Class Wards and while I can disclose anything currently, I can only say that we are planning the class social to decorate the class shirts with co’ 24 & 26, and it’s going to be super fun!”

On Friday, April 28, 2023, the class of 2025 along with a collaboration with Desi Club, is selling fried Oreos. Students still have the chance from April 21 to the 26th to pre-order their deep-fried Oreos, until the day it comes out, and there will be extras that will be sold also the day of, for those who didn’t want or get the chance to pre-order. Students and staff alike can order two for four dollars, three for five dollars, and five for eight dollars. All pre-orders can be found in the bio of the Class of 2025 and Desi Club’s Instagrams respectively, and if anyone has any questions, may reach out to the Class of 2025 officers on Instagram or in person.

While planning with her fellow class officers, Bella Le, comes up with an idea for their next food frenzy, in an attempt to raise even more money for their class, “We were discussing with Mr. Ali and one of our friends suggested doing fried Oreos because people like them at the rodeo,” Le said. “It seemed crazy at the time because, ‘who would buy that?’ But after some long discussion we thought that deep fried Oreos could offer something new and be a delicious treat.”