Sophomores take the English II EOC


TIME TO COMPREHEND The English II EOC is administered to sophomores on Wednesday, April 19, 2023. Han Vu, a sophomore, completes practice assignments on “IXL” provided by her English teacher, Nakethia Alexander, as she adjusts to the new changes placed on the EOC, “The assignments are a lot, but I think they’re quite helpful,” said Vu. “The majority of the work involves grammar and vocabulary, but some of it also involves composition. So far, I feel reasonably well-prepared.”

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, sophomores get ready to take the English II EOC. Being their first EOC of the year, many have mixed emotions about how they feel about taking the EOC. For those in the first semester, the English II was in a similar format to last year’s English I EOC, having multiple passages format final essays. But this year is supposedly different. The format of the test has been changed, formerly the passages came along with multiple choice questions and that was it, but this year not only are there multiple-choice questions as well as free response ones.

When first hearing about the changes, sophomore Shadrack Akinkunmi, was very frustrated having to hear that he wouldn’t be able to breeze through the test as he did for the English I EOC, “While English isn’t a particularly difficult class, due to the answers being right in the passage,” Akinkunmi said. “But adding free response just makes it harder and adds work for us to find the specific answer.”

Besides the addition of free response questions, the essay also has changed, being based more on grading the use of a thesis, conclusion, evidence, counterargument, and proper grammar. Rather than being focused on the content of the essay, this time it’s more focused on whether the student uses specific elements in their essay.