Class of 2025 Prepares for Class Wars


The Class of 2025 holds a formal meeting with its officers on Friday, April 14, 2023, to talk about the Class Wars shirts. The officers consider a variety of designs before settling on one that would work for the entire sophomore class. Working on the shirt design, Class of 2025 officer, Loreal Long is excited to see the outcome of the final product, “While we’re still debating, we’ve set on a design we think everyone would love, not just for class wars but also as a regular ty-shirt as well,” Long said. “The design itself is a tiger holding a baseball bat, wearing a bandanna, and a fire effect behind it.”

On Friday, April 14, 2023, the Class of 2025 officers holds an official meeting to discuss the Class Wars shirts. At first, they began designing around a specific logo. Still, after much contemplation, the officers decide to scrap the logo and decided to come up with a new logo to represent their class. “Our original logo was unusable and wasn’t as good as we expected when we printed it onto the shirt, so we decided to change it,” sophomore officer, Meerab Arif said.

After putting their ideas together, Arif ultimately came up with a new logo that fitted the Class of 2025 aesthetic. “I wasn’t too sure at first, since our mascot is already a tiger, but after a while, it seemed [to be] what fit best,” Arif said.

Backing her fellow officer member, Iqra Naveed believes the new shirt design to be way better than what they had initially planned, “Our shirt is pretty cliche, but once you look at it, I think the looks, speaks for itself. The tiger represents our school spirit, and we thought a plain tiger would be boring,” Naveed said. “But when we added its bandanna and the fire effects behind the tiger, it gave the shirt this almost cartoon look, really makes the image more exciting and cuter at the same time.”