Multi-Cultural Dance Show 2023


Photo by Tracy Nguyen

All the Desi Club’s officers came out towards the end of the show and thanked everyone for attending. “See you next year!” said Agha Mirza, indicating that the show will take place once again in the upcoming school year.

Written by Meerab Arif, Designer

Kerr Desi Club’s Multi-Cultural Dance Show was a huge hit. It was held on February 23.  To aid people who were impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, one-third of the show earnings were donated to an earthquake relief fund. President Meerab Arif and Vice President Mostaque Tahamid served as the show’s hosts. The event featured a variety of dances from different cultures around the world including Desi, Peruvian, Hispanic, Nigerian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Persian dances. They also had two special guest team performers from different high schools. Alief Jazz Ballet from Elsik Highschool performed a Black History Month Performance and Dulles High School performed a Chinese hat and fan dance. This occasion beautifully displayed the elegance of several cultures and gave us all an opportunity to learn and appreciate the different dances that take place. The show had a full house and was enjoyed by the community.