UIL Returns From Clinic


Photo by Yanna Hinojos

On A Crunch: Seniors actor Chriss Doradea and actress Kathy Nguyen work on their scenes altering them for their whole play to fit a 40-minute time limit. They further discuss the lazzis, comedic parts, they wish to add to their scenes. “Thanks to the suggestions we got, we are now able to improve things we forgot about or didn’t pay much attention to,” Chriss Doradea said.

Written by Manar Al-Gburi

Upon their return from their first clinic, which took place on Monday at San Jacinto College, UIL is altering their script according to suggestions from their clinician, Richard Turner. They will be working all week to trim their script to fit a 40-minute time limit since it was timed to be an hour and 30 minutes. With the purpose of decreasing any disqualifying factors, they pay attention to many things that were overlooked prior to the clinic but were brought to light as a result of suggestions given to them. Furthermore, they intend to hold a clinic with Jill Ludington and host 11 schools between Thursday and Friday, with students serving as hosts.