10 Questions with Cameron Spence


Confuzzled Cameron Spence is a hard working student at Kerr high School. In the Spanish center, she is seen working on an upcoming Spanish conversation assignment. “I don’t enjoy learning grammar but I need it for grades,” Spence said.

Written by Tracy Nguyen, Broadcast journalism

Cameron Spence is a sophomore at Kerr.

Q-What is your favorite part about Kerr and why?

A-My favorite part about Kerr would be freedom because it allows me to work on time management skills.

Q– Where do you see yourself in five years?

A- In five years, I would see myself preparing to graduate college and buying a Camaro.

Q-What do you love most about yourself?

A-I love my ability to get over things very quickly without reminiscing about the past.

Q– If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

A- If I could change one thing about the world, I would change how the government trials certain crimes.

Q– What is something defining about you/what makes you stand out?

A- Something defining that makes me stand out is the way I present myself as a quiet person when in reality I am still working on being outgoing.

Q-If you had the chance to have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

A- It would be Micheal Jackson because he was an amazing artist and loved to help people.

Q-What is your favorite song at the moment?

A- My favorite song at the moment is “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse.

Q– How do you spend your free time?

A- I spend my free time, typically, laying in bed watching TikTok.

Q-What would you consider to be your favorite part of the day?

A- My favorite part of the day is night time.

Q– What is something you would change about your learning habits?

A- I would change the extent to which I procrastinate on all of my assignments.