Sophomores have a Mandatory Seminar


UPCOMING DAYS The sophomore class held a required meeting at the library on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 for the first 15 minutes of the first, second, and fourth periods. In which Denae Aquil, a counselor and staff member, presented a session on graduation requirements as well as the differences between AP and dual credit courses. Guillermo Palacios, a sophomore, has made a few changes to his junior calendar in light of what he learned from the lecture. “This will affect my Junior schedule as depending on what classes I decided to take during my junior will depend on what extra curricucurricular I can do,” Palacios said. “But I still want to be able to take the classes I won’t forensic science.”

On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, the sophomore class had a mandatory meeting in the library for the first 15 minutes of the first, second, and fourth periods. In which, counselor and staff member, Denae Aquil gave a follow-up meeting to the librarian, Paula Murray’s seminar about dual credit. In the seminar counselor Aquil, Aquil explained graduation requirements which include: four math credits, four english credits, four science credits, three social studies credits, two LOTE (language other than English), one physical education credit, one technology credit, one fine arts credit, and six additional elective credits are needed to graduate senior year. Alongside the required credits, one must have scored approaches, meets, or masters on STAAR EOC exams for Biology, Algebra I, US history, English I, and English II.

Aquil goes further on to explain the difference that taking AP and dual credit classes can bring to a student as in Junior year, there will be a very limited, amount of ACC classes that will be available and more chances for dual credit and AP classes (or regular if one chooses). For AP classes, there will be no tuition and Alief ISD pays for AP exams, AP courses are more likely to be excited about a college credit (especially if one plans on going to college out of state), and if the credit is accepted there are no additional registration processes.

But if one prefers dual credit, Alief ISD pays for students in the HCC classes, and college courses are taught to HCC curriculum standards and are preferred if going to college in the state. And though Aquil doesn’t understand the whole situation for AP and dual credit courses, from her own experience she understands a bit of the process for credits.

“While I’m not sure about core class credits I do know that from my personal experience colleges did take my dual credit, credits for my electives,” Aquil said. “Anything else though depends on the college and should always be checked before that long that specific class for college credits.