Food Frenzy Comes and Serves


On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, the class of 2025 sets pre-orders for boba and popcorn chicken from ‘Kim’s Tea House’. This specific food frenzy only was for pre-orders and students who did not preorder could not buy the day of, however, the officers are taking this into account and considering it for the next food frenzy.

“I did not expect this many people to have come ordered from us who didn’t pre-order,” class officer Bella Le said. “I definitely will take this into account and order extras for any of those who want to order the day of.”

The boba itself cost $5, for any choice of regular milk tea, thai milk tea, matcha milk tea, passion fruit tea, and strawberry tea, with the choice of boba or no boba. The boba also came with the option of buying popcorn chicken which was sold for $6 with options of plain, mild, and spicy.

I ordered boba for food frenzy — I like it causes it’s refreshing,” sophomore Jennifer Do said. “Food Frenzy overall allows us an opportunity to support our class and school while giving us something to enjoy.”