UIL Starts Blocking The Auditorium


Photo by Yanna Hinojos

It’s A Set-Up: All UIL Cadre members start blocking for class play “Imaginary Invalid”. From left to right, junior and actress, Ianna Walker, and senior and actor, Masoud Said jots down their blocking on their scripts given to them by Director Julie Ryan. Picking up insights, Masoud states, “Overall, I feel like it’s a very fun play, different from what we normally do, so I’m ambitious and excited to start on it. [However I] can’t say we [referring to the members] are struggling [with the blocking process].”

Written by Manar Al-Gburi

UIL Cadre starts week 2 of “Imaginary Invalid” with the blocking process. The goal set for this class play is to finish putting the show together in less than a month. With that set as their priority, all UIL members also must do script research. During blocking, director Julie Ryan gives specific instructions to individuals about where they should be on stage at a particular line from the script. On the other hand, director Jason Quach is approving tech ideas given by crew heads, such as improvements needed to be made on props.