Dropping Dollar Bills for Letters


During the alphabet auction, a student was able to pie teacher Thien Nguyen in the face. Not only were the face pies fun to watch, they helped raise money and funds as well. “I’m not very stoked about getting pied in the face but at least I have goggles,” Thien Nguyen said.

Written by Tracy Nguyen, Broadcast Journalism

On January 27, 2023, at 1:30 p.m., Kerr held an alphabet auction that raised a total of $2,380. This was the highest total for the auctions since before 2011. With the average bidding price of $70, the highest letter was sold for $260. Along with the fun of watching or participating in the bids, selected students were able to pie teachers such as Adrian Garcia, Thien Nguyen, and Julie Ryan in the face. Not only was the auction an opportunity for students to have fun, but the money raised will also support funds for the yearbook.  The students who won the letters get to put a few words of their choice next to the letters in the yearbook.