Kerr FBLA Sweeps at Districts


Finally being able to take a breath, FBLA members are celebrating this week as they placed in 24 of the 75 competitive events at their district conference last Saturday, January 21. Officers are handing out ballots to the members, allowing them to assess their performance as they get ready for their upcoming state competition right after. FBLA President Casey Nguyen looks at commentary from her judges, excited to improve for the state conference. “I hope members enjoy this experience as it was a core rip that shaped my FBLA experience last year,” said Nguyen. “I expect our members to place at States and qualify for Nationals because we’re so cool like that.”

FBLA members are coming back from a successful district conference on January 21. At the conference, members competed with their presentations and test scores and were also able to attend helpful business workshops. With members placing in 24 of the competitive events, they will be competing at the FBLA State Leadership Conference on March 22 to 25 in Galveston, Texas.  The members who placed and officers have been looking at their ballots this week, accessing their performance from the past weekend as they start preparing for the state competition.