Volunteering For Kerr Pals


Quite Elementary, On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Kerr Pals member junior Jennifer Nguyen and sophomore Manar Al-Gburi volunteer to help a kindergarten class. And while nervous at first, after students started reaching out for help, Nguyen was excited to be able help and came right away. Assisting the student reminded her why she liked to be in Kerr Pals so much. “ A student called me President Jefferson instead of my name, which was pretty funny,” Nguyen said.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, Kerr Pals returned back to their weekly schedule of helping young, elementary students. Sectioned off in different groups, sophomore Manar Al-Gburi and junior Jennifer Nguyen are placed into a kindergarten class, at Viola Mahanay Elementary, where they helped kids in the science lab with their math and science skills.

“I really enjoyed teaching little students and engaging with them in fun activities,” Manar Al-Gburi said. “Though I was nervous returning back to Kerr Pals after such a longer ‘break’ I was excited to start again.”

While the group did struggle with getting used to their new environment, never have helped kindergarteners before, they found themselves enjoying their time a lot more than expected.o

“I usually help with third and fourth grade usually,” Jennifer Nguyen said. “But I found this class, especially with this teacher, really fun and I’d definitely like to be able [to] help [the teacher] in her class again next Wednesday.”