FBLA Gets Ready for Districts


Charging head on towards districts, FBLA members are finalizing their presentations for the area conference this Saturday, January 21. Their presentations and test scores will be used to compete against other schools in our region. While members who to test have already finished their competitions, all members are still required to attend workshops at the conference. “The officers and I have been telling our members about Distritcs since the very beginning,” said FBLA President Casey Nguyen. “That being said, I’m confident that they will do well. The goal is to place for States, but either way, everyone is here for a fun time. No stres, no worries.”

It has been a busy week for FBLA as members are busy preparing for upcoming projects. At their most recent meeting on January 12, they discussed how to pay for college. Tensions were high when they also gave information about their upcoming area conference this Saturday, January 21, at Cypress Woods High School, as members have been practicing for this tournament since last semester. Officers have been busy, too, setting up after school for their Ping’s Festival on February 9. They have also been taking pictures of fellow FBLA members this week during lunch for their annual chapter scrapbook and chapter report.