Sophomores Sell Food To Start the New Term


STARTING OFF FULL For Food Frenzy on Friday, January 6, 2023, the front of the school sold breakfast burritos for $3 and donuts for $2. Although they had trouble selling the last of their things, the sophomore class was still able to do well in terms of sales. The event itself provided many happy consumers and even greater support for the class of 2025. “I really enjoyed Food Frenzy, especially with Alumni Day and the food trucks.” said sophomore Faye Kappo. “The warm break burritos were unquestionably my favorite because they gave me a chance to eat and get ready for the day.”

On January 6, 2023, Friday, the sophomore class sold donuts and breakfast burritos to help everyone feel more energized and loaded for the morning of Alumni Day. All were sold out and the class of 2025 once again made many profits and had a huge increase in sales due to the previous Food Frenzy performing so well.

Sales for a donut began at $2 and a breakfast burrito for $3. There were also deals and combos, including a donut and a breakfast burrito for $5, two breakfast burritos for $5, and two donuts for $4. Food was being sold in the front area of the school during 1st and 2nd period.

Having seen the success of the previous Food Frenzy, the officers of the sophomore class took recognition of the success of donuts but instead replaced coffee with breakfast tacos. But soon, they learned that they would face a problem. During the day of sales, class officer, Meerab Arif was surprised to see they did not sell as well as predicted. “We wanted to do something different this time and not only something sweet, since many people enjoy breakfast tacos, we thought those would be a good idea,” Arif said. “However, the potato breakfast tacos weren’t selling as much as the others so we learned that people definitely prefer meat over vegetables and will keep that in mind next time.”