10 Questions with Jonathan Nguyen


BECAUSE THE STATE DEMANDS IT Jonathan Nguyen struggled during English II, as while he had gone over the old STAAR tests and analyzed its question he was still stressed and wasn’t too condiment in his skills. He struggled on the writing portion of the test and feared that he may have messed up knowing that the writing portion was due 50% of the entire test. While he felt more relieved after taking the test, he is unsure of what score he may receive and whether he will feel even worse about how he took the test.

On December 8, sophomore Jonathan Nguyen took the English II EOC.

Q: What was your plan when you did take the English II EOC?

A: I planned to just go in there and hopefully I do well.

Q: What score were you trying to achieve?

A: It wasn’t masters so maybe meets, so maybe around an 80 or higher.

Q: What are some things you have done to prepare?

A: I studied through past STAARs and did the practice Ms. Alexander gave us in class which was just STAAR practices, and I guess with tests like these, there isn’t much to study for but more of what you can comprehend and stuff.

Q: What did you feel before taking the test?

A: I was definitely a little stressed but also energetic because I drank an energy drink before the test, so I was definitely pumped than anything.

Q: What do you think of state standardized testing?

A: I think that a school like Kerr, they shouldn’t be doing that because Kerris a very smart school if you think about it and because of our rushed schedule, state standardized testing doesn’t really prove much.

Q: How would you describe the workload of English II as a whole?

A: It’s easy but I forget to do it sometimes because I sleep a lot and I defiantly get lazy at times.

Q: What did you feel during the test?

A: I was stressed because I definitely didn’t know the answers to some of the comprehension questions and I was really [stumpled] at times, just staring at the screen.

Q: What are some mistakes or troubles you think you will have during the test?

A: While I can’t say much about the test since it is against the law. I definitely struggled on the writing/essay portion because I was struggling with my persuasion writing since I haven’t written one in so long, and I think I used the word “I” and I know you’re not supposed to use that word, so I definitely think I got a low score of that. But other than that, I struggled to spell a few words but luckily there was an online dictionary provided with the test so that helped a lot.

Q: Would you say Ms. Alexander is a big factor as to why you think you might pass or fail? And why?

A: Mostly, I feel I failed because of her. The thing about Ms. Alexander is that she makes me feel more stressed than anything and gives us a lot of work on the basis which didn’t come in handy when the test was just a few days away.

Q: What do you feel after taking the EOC?

A: I definitely feel terrible and I, again, am not confident at my essay whatsoever and I think I did pretty bad. Also, because today I also have a math test to do right after the test but luckily, I think that test was easier than the EOC.