10 Question with Iqra Naveed


CRAZED FOR FOOD After the event of Food Frenzy, on Monday, October 31, 2022, Iqra Naveed10 sold donuts and coffee left and right with her other class officers. While the amount is disclosed, the sophomore class has made tons of profit and business, having sold out completely in their stocks. With quite a lot of moments before her prom, Naveed believes that at this pace they will be able to make more money in the future and make everything from their senior prom to future events similar to this and be able to hold field trips. “Our long-term goal for the Class of 2025, and high school in general, is to be able to make memorable memories and make our class one big family,” said Naveed.

Iqra Naveed is a sophomore and an officer for the Class of 2025, which sold donuts and Vietnamese coffee for Food Frenzy last Monday, October 31.

Q: What made you think of iced coffee and donuts for a food frenzy?

A: We thought of something that kids at Kerr and stuff would enjoy, coffee is the get-go, and we know a lot of kids drink that so it was one of the first decisions we made. As for the donuts, we all like something sweet, and what goes better with coffee than donuts? However, we were debating between croissants and donuts, but we did a poll, and many preferred donuts.

Q: What were your emotions before you started selling?

A: This was my first time selling on a food frenzy day, so I was a bit nervous, but all the other officers are very nice and considerate and helped us work together.

Q: Were you shocked by how much business was rallying up?

A: We had a lot of pre-orders so not really, but we were shocked at how many people wanted to buy donuts. we had to restock three times and that still wasn’t enough.

Q: How did you feel by the end as in, were you confident in your sales?

A: Yes, I was very much confident because of how many times we had to restock. However, we learned a lot from just one day and we want to continue to become better for our class.

Q: How did you think you compare to your other peer classes?

A: Breakfast is always successful since it’s breakfast and a lot of people eat breakfast at school. I think each class did very well in sales and none of the cross-competed. Plus, I’ll say that all the classes this year are very friendly and get along very nicely.

Q: Performance-wise, did you think everyone did their part?

A: Yes, all the officers were on time and doing what they were assigned. If anything, I felt like each officer was doing more work than they were supposed to.

Q: Were you nervous at any point?

A: At the beginning but after a bit, I got more confident.

Q: Was it difficult to advertise the days before?

A: We had been advertising for a week before the day of, so no it wasn’t hard to advertise at all.

Q: Did you end up more successful than expected?

A: Yes, we made a lot aside from presales which helped.