Sophomores, juniors run out of time in game


SPIRIT FEST The Homecoming game, a flag football match between the sophomore and junior team and the freshmen and senior team, took place on Friday, October 21, 2022, the final day of spirit week, from 6:00 to 8:00. The actual game was frantic and thrilling. The freshman and senior squad had lost the comeback game against the sophomores and juniors, who had initially had the upper hand. And though they had suffered a loss, it didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves and striving to defeat the freshman and senior class next year. “Although we lost, the main priority was to fun, which we achieved, and I feel really great about that,” sophomore Thinh Tran said.

The Homecoming football game was intense. In the beginning, the scores looked in favor of the sophomore and junior team until after halftime, in which the freshman and senior team had a major comeback and led their team to an ushering victory. They had led the scoreboard with a 42 to 23, causing the sophomore class to have lost. After their loss, many recuperated in one another as they knew that even if they didn’t win, they still had a lot of fun, pound their heads against each other and enjoy the thrills of competition. Even if they didn’t win, they were still able to have fun and get back into that school spirit for the rest of the year.

Though they had lost this year, the sophomores who will be juniors next year, hope to win against the opposing team next year and break their losing streak against the freshman and senior class.

But as of currently, a recharge was necessary like a nice sip of coffee and some tasty donut holes as the Class of 2025 started pre-sales, for exemption day, from October 25 to October 28.

Pre-sales will include an 8 oz. Vietnamese coffee for $3 or 16 fl oz for $5 as well as donut holes for $3. Both of these can be picked up on October 31. Donut holes will also be sold on the same day in the cafeteria during both A and B lunch.