Football Makes Contact


CHARGING HEAD ON On Thursday, after school, Thinh Nguyen10 and the rest of the sophomore and junior class were doing their last practice before the big game on Friday. The sophomore and junior football team have been putting all their efforts into training and preparing for their homecoming game. “Although our team lacks the experience necessary, I believe with a bit of luck and dedication, we have a solid chance of beating the freshman and senior team for flag football.”

The Homecoming game is fast approaching on Friday, October 21 from 6-9 PM at Taylor High School. And with the last practice on Thursday passed, many are putting in their efforts.

In the flag football game, the sophomore and junior teams compete against the freshmen and senior teams.

Flag football is different from traditional football in that the defensive team must take a flag or flag belt off the ball carrier to stop a player rather than tackle the player to the ground.

This year, there are more players interested in taking on those in front, making the competition look more raucous and challenging. Sophomore Jonathan Nguyen had a great time practicing and is ready for the homecoming game,

“Football practice has been fun, and I enjoyed being able to go outside these past few weeks. And even if I don’t expect to win, we’ll give it our best and have fun.”